LocusEye is Altrad RMD Kwikform's Formwork, Falsework and Ground Shoring Visualisation Software. It has been developed to enhance communication between engineers, sales and customers.

CAD to Visualisation

Our engineers create 3D scheme models using an enhanced version of AutoCAD. With LocusEye we can take these 3D models and bring them to life with realistic detail, materials and lighting. Exporting a model to LocusEye takes just a matter of seconds.

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Download For Android Android v2.2 download
Download For Windows PC v2.2 download

Key benefits

  • Efficiency: quick turnaround time on temporary work designs
  • Intuitive: customers are able to interrogate designs
  • Accessible: customers are able to see their erected solution on site
  • Preparation: LocusEye will highlight any potential challenges on site
  • Winning: Securing tenders

At Altrad RMD Kwikform we recognised some years back that the industry is and will be moving away from 2D drawings. As we work with more customers on major global infrastructure projects, its clear that 3D drawings, at the very least should now be standard practice. We have since been able to use these 3D designed solutions to automate highly realistic rendered 3D models, using our in-house developed visualisation tool, LocusEye. LocusEye models can be viewed on a PC, iPad or mobile phone, which allows us to demonstrate a very realistic looking model of the solution on site.